• OpenAI Limited Partnership and Golem (GLM) have started advanced negotiations to harness supercomputing power.
• This is to help meet the demand for ChatGPT and balance Microsoft’s Azure data center load during peak hours.
• The partnership will involve OpenAI buying large amounts of GLM tokens to reserve their right to use Golem’s decentralized infrastructure.

OpenAI and Golem in Negotiations

OpenAI Limited Partnership and Golem (GLM) are currently in advanced negotiations to harness supercomputing power, with the goal of helping meet the demand for ChatGPT and balancing Microsoft’s Azure data center load during peak hours. If successful, this would be one of the largest collaborations between Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers on record.

The Need for Supercomputing Power

Due to the exponential growth in popularity of ChatGPT, OpenAI has faced difficulty expanding its servers to keep up with the increased demand. Relying on a partnership with Microsoft to provide an expansion through their Azure data center makes the task even more challenging and puts them at risk of not meeting their aggressive growth targets.

Golem’s Tokenomics

Golem is well known for providing massive computational resources on demand, thanks to its unique tokenomics based on supplying a blockchain network which provides one of the world’s largest decentralized supercomputer networks. This technology can easily be adapted for AI computation, as both processes can be parallelized and divided into thousands of loosely interconnected servers around the world.

OpenAI Buying GLM Tokens

In order to ensure that they can use Golem’s decentralized infrastructure, OpenAI will become one of its largest buyers of GLM tokens once testing is complete. This agreement would represent an important step forward in cryptocurrency adoption, showcasing how digital currencies can be used effectively by larger organizations in order to access computing power from reliable sources beyond traditional data centers.


The potential partnership between OpenAI and Golem could represent a major advancement in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, proving that digital currencies can be utilized by larger organizations as effective means through which powerful computing resources can be accessed outside conventional data centers.

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